Today in the city Waiohinu 26.04.2018
Glenda Jackson steals the show in a thrilling, emotionally affecting 'Three Tall Women' on Broadway

“Three Tall Women” may not be widely considered the best play Edward Albee wrote (I rank it among his top three), but it is his most affecting and personally inhabited. This 1994 Pulitzer Prize winner...

Here's what Waymo's electric, self-driving Jaguar looks like

The all-electric Jaguar I-Pace made its first North American appearance at the New York Auto Show on Wednesday. Among those on display was a future member of Waymo's autonomous fleet.  The compan...

US Paves Way to Hold More Pregnant Women in Immigration Jail

The Trump administration says pregnant women charged with being in the United States illegally will no longer receive special considerations that allowed them to be released while their cases wind thr...

Florida Woman Mistakes Full-Term Pregnancy for Food Poisoning

After mistaking her 4 a.m. stomach pains for food poisoning, this Florida woman was surprised to find out she had been pregnant for 37 weeks.

4 More Books Every Woman Entrepreneur Needs To Read

How do you navigate a competitive work environment? How do you get your team on board with your vision? How do you even find your vision? So, with that in mind, I decided to put together another list...

Women Entrepreneurs: How To Hire Employees Wisely

Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, author of The Yolo Principle, The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business, offers smart advice for women entrepreneurs.

11 Tips To Success From The Woman In Charge Of The World's Largest Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line's first woman president shares her inspirational success story and advice to help others get ahead.

Amy Poehler's New Netflix Film On Wine And Movies To Watch Beforehand

Amy Poehler and Netflix have announced Wine Country, a comedy based on Napa Valley's wine culture. Prepare for it with these 5 timeless movies on wine culture.

Woman sues after rental home was used to shoot pornography

A Massachusetts woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing her tenant of using her Martha's Vineyard home to shoot pornographic videos without telling her.

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